1. We make valuation of land & building including Residential Flats, Bungalow, Commercial Shop/ Offices, Factory buildings including Plant & Machinery which involve site visits, market survey & preparation of report, ascertaining fair market value of the property.
  2. Ascertaining & Certifying the Progress of Construction work after conducting site visits. (Percentage & phase wise progress which is required to be co related while disbursing the loan amount to the client.
  3. Certifying The Project Reports :- Detailed cost Estimate with Material & Labour Cost Breakup & Cash Flow, to get fairly responsible cost of the project in different phase still completion.
  4. Our valuation charges as per CBDT norms and nothing beyond. Xerox copy of official charges allowed by Authority which is recently decleared by INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT is enclosed herewith for your ready perusal. However we are flexible about the charges of valuation depending on customer of the bank and necessity of the bank.